Continuous follow-up for maximum results

The usual “À la carte” model of training services where clients pay for modular services (a program, an hour of technical supervision) does not work for distance training and even less for people dealing with chronic pain or inflammatory disorders. To ensure your training success, we need to have a closer communication than the “à la carte” model allows. Your program must remain flexible and adjustable at all times. It’s important that we tune in to your training response in order to keep you moving forward while avoiding spikes in inflammation. That’s why I’ve created this advanced training system. You will receive your training program via email and you will have access to our online video library. We will be in contact every week in order to adjust training load, exercises or other training variables.

This model uses a recurrent monthly billing to allow us to keep your file open and plan interventions as needed. You can cancel at any time and billing will cease at the next billing cycle.


We offer different approaches to help develop the workout plan that works best for you. Find your approach.




Online Training


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Step 1: To receive your personalized questionnaire, contact naomi@NBworkout.com

Step 2: Fill out questionnaire, sign release form and return all documents to naomi@NBworkout.com

Step 3: Paypal invoice will be sent to you and program will be forwarded upon payment reception

Please allow 5-7 days for your personalized training program